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What is Art therapy?

Art Therapy is expressive art activity based on psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding to help clients' internal growth and well-being.

Using imagery, color and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate.

Art therapy is a tool that therapists use to help clients interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Clients work with an art therapist to explore their emotions, understand conflicts or feelings that are causing them distress, and use art to help them find resolutions to those issues.


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initial consultation

Drawing test

individual sessions

group sessions

sessions for children

sessions for Teens

couple art therapy

& counselling

Sessions for PPD

(postpartum depression)

healing art workshops

40 min









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Sunny Art Therapy provides sessions online & offline.

Online sessions (via Zoom)

-Do not required Zoom account.

Offline sessions

-Your convenience place

-Public places for group or workshop

Cancellation fee: There will be a cancellation/no-show fee If you do not cancel a scheduled appointment with at least a 24-hour notice, you may be charged 50% for the appointment. You will also be charged in full for the scheduled session for a no-show.

Documentation & fees: If you wish to have a copy of the Therapist's letter or assessment report, please talk to the therapist during the consultation session. There will be an extra cost for all documentation

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The initial Consultation is for a New Client to discuss client's current issues, concerns, strategies and set goals

for the Art therapy plan.

Initial Consultation includes One Drawing test.

For children & Teens: Initial consultation will be longer than

adults and there will be extra 10 minutes for parent/guardian meeting after the drawing test without additional charge.

Initial Consultation

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Drawing Test

Is known as the Projective drawing test.

The drawing test is an opportunity to express your feelings and

recognize your psychological and emotional functioning.

The drawing test should be done with certified and trained art

therapist who can analyze the drawing test correctly with many

years of experience.

Sunny has over 10 years of experience as an art therapist and she

has analyzed over 2,000 cases of drawing tests.

Sunny Art therapy provides


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Individual Art Therapy session

An individual session is for someone who wants to have art therapy sessions privately and also for the client who is needed to.

Facing Challenges makes many people feel overwhelmed and often they don’t know how to identify and communicate exactly what’s happening.

Sometimes, asking them what’s wrong can lead to frustration, along with even more negative feelings.

Instead, art therapy acknowledges that verbal language is only one form

of communication, and it’s not the most natural one for everybody.

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Group Art Therapy session

Group art therapy session is a special form in which a small number of people meet under the guidance of a professionally trained art therapist to help themselves and one another.

Group art therapy is beneficial to people who are in the same situations such as PPD (Postpartum Depression), Addiction or Family related etc.. or set the same goal to achieve like improving social skills, increasing self-esteem or reducing stress and more.

Group art therapy format: Two or more people in a group

(max 6 people)

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Parent Meeting (only for children & teens sessions)

Sunny Art Therapy provides an extra 10 min parent meeting after each session without additional charge for the efficient session and results. Because without parents' support, the art therapy wouldn't work properly.

Children Art Therapy sessions

Art therapy sessions are for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Art expression is a form of non-verbal communication. For children

who may not be able to articulate thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions, it is one way to convey what may be difficult to express

with words.

It is also a sensory-based approach that allows the children to experience themselves and communicate on multiple levels visual, tactile, kinesthetic and more.

Art therapy sessions for Children is available in Individual and Group setting.

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Teenagers often faced feelings of confusion, frustration and afraid about their future. To say simply, they don't know or understand what is going on in the world around them. This is quite a common issue for teenagers and some of them do need help to go through it.

Art therapy leads teens to express themselves through the process of artwork with comfortable materials. Creating a final product helps them gain self-understanding and learn better coping methods and work through problems.

Benefits of Art therapy for Adolescents

  • Non-threatening with less of a direct focus on the teenager.
  • A safe outlet for expressing their feelings and they will discover underlying thoughts and feelings.
  • They feel a sense of control over their problems.
  • Easier to develop a strong relationship with the therapist.

Art Therapy sessions for Adolescents

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Rectangle Brush

Healing your mind/soul through Art.

The healing art is creative practices that promote healing, wellness,

coping and personal change.

This session is a non-clinical Art Therapy session for the people

who want to improve their mental wellness, reduce stress levels,

wishing to improve their social skills and look into themselves

through Art.

Benefits of Healing Art Workshop

  • Do not need to be good at art.
  • It is a great way to develop teamwork for colleague groups, peer groups or leader groups.
  • Fun art activities and useful artworks that you can use for an interior item at home or office.
  • Reduce stress levels.

Healing Art Workshop (Group)

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Founder / Art Therapist

Sunny Reddy

Hello, I am the Founder / Art Therapist at Sunny Art Therapy.

I am also a professional member of CCPA(Canada Counseling and Psychotherapy Association)

I studied Art Therapy in Korea as well as in the UK. I have also been practicing as an Art therapist for over a decade. My happiest moment as an Art Therapist is when my clients feel happy after the session and they thank me sincerely.

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Education / Certificate

  • BA in Art Therapy, Bsc College degree in Fine art for children
  • London Art therapy centre, (UK); Environmental Art therapy
  • KATA Training completed (Korea); Theoretical training & Clinical training including workshops, case conferences and International conferences.
  • Art therapy certificate (international profession)
  • ECE Level 2 certificate (AECENL)
  • Educator certificate for Autistic children(KCSI)
  • Fine Art teaching certificate
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  • Former Admin of Canada Unni (Korean women community in Canada.)
  • Psychological drawing test for Korean-Canadian women.
  • Developed Group Art therapy for PPD
  • Marriage couple counselling & Art therapy

(Create a couple program, especially for effective communication)

  • Analysis Drawing test (over 2,000 cases: updated in 2022)
  • Former Counselling teacher at a middle school
  • Former Special education teacher (KCSI)
  • Art therapy project for ASD, ADHD and Orphanage children
  • Leader of Ecology Art therapy project team with Changwon& Mokpo city social service in Korea
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(Art therapy for PPD)


(Art therapy for PPD)

It wasn't easy to save time for the session as a mom

of young kids but it was much worth it to try.

What I liked most was meeting other moms who have

suffered from PPD and I felt safe with all the group members. One more thing I like about Sunny Art Therapy is she gives me the chance to see myself before & after the session.

It was much better and funnier than I thought.

Especially, working with other moms and sharing experiences and thoughts were the best part of the session.

Now I can see myself in a better way and know what I need to try harder. I definitely recommend PPD session for New moms!

5 star rating icon
5 star rating icon

I had Art therapy in the USA before and It wasn't bad

but I found Sunny Art Therapy is more comfortable for

me. She understood my situation better and I felt

warmth from her even though it was online.

I would love to have group or couple session with my

boyfriend soon.

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Reviews are written by my clients only for Sunny Art Therapy webpage. All reviews are posted with the full permission of the clients

S, C (USA)

(Individual Art therapy)

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I've been seeing a Psychiatrist for a few years and I didn't believe in counselling or art therapy much until I have an initial consultation with Sunny.

I decided to have an individual session with Sunny and it helped my anxiety and depression.

Art Therapy is not magic that will make you a better person at once. However, If you trust your therapist (Sunny is the one for me) and push yourself hard to look into your problems, then the magic will happen to you like, as it did happen to me.

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Anonymous. (Korea)

(Individual Art therapy)

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Group Art Therapy for Teens


A: I liked crafting and fun things with all friends.

B: I felt special when I was in a Group Art therapy session.

Because Sunny listened to me and always make sure

I am doing ok.

C: I don't like drawing or painting but this was fun because

at Art Therapy we used all different materials and I could

express how I feel and who I am.

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Couple Art Therapy

& Counselling (USA)

We have been in Couple counselling before but didn't work much.

However, Couple Art Therapy from Sunny Art Therapy worked for us!

Doing creative things together is different but better.

We didn't have to talk to each other when we were not feeling like

to do. However, we are still able to express our feelings.

Now, we learned how to communicate properly to keep our relation-ship in good place and will keep practicing for our bright future.

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Anonymous. (Canada)

Group Art therapy for PPD

I would like to thank Sunny first because she gave me

a chance to join a group where I could be myself.

Even though I wasn't able to join at the beginning she never

left me alone. she always includes me.

For the first couple weeks, it was interesting and fun after

that I was getting serious about the session and being more honest. At the last session, I saw myself thinking positively.

Try it! you wouldn't regret it!

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N (Canada)

Group Art therapy for PPD

Before the session started, I expected to be treated from what

I was suffering and I needed it. In my opinion, the session was

more close to healing art which was more comfortable and let

me look into myself and situations. Then I realized only I could

treat myself.

I wouldn't be able to realize without Sunny and other group members' help.

Most I liked about the session is connecting with other moms

who has the same or similar situation as me.

I would recommend Art therapy for PPD and hope many

people can reach out for this opportunity.

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Eco Art Therapy (UK)

I loved Eco Art Therapy session with Sunny.

Walking in the park, feeling nature and creating a piece of art, all of these are delightful.

The most lovely part of the session was not only expressing

my feelings by making artwork but also physical activities

such as walking and feeling the nature.

I strongly recommend Eco Art Therapy with Sunny.

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Eco Art Therapy

for children/ teens


  • Eco Art therapy was so much fun.
  • I don't like art classes or drawing because I am not good at art but this was different! I didn't have to be good at drawing or painting.
  • Sunny made things funnier all the time! I like her.
  • She listened to me and look into my concerns together then she helped me.
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